How to Save Money in your Kitchen and Bath

Whether your home is a small one room apartment or a large mansion, saving money in your kitchen and bath can mean saving water, electricity, and conserving the Earth’s resources. In the average home the kitchen and bathroom account for the majority of water consumption out of the entire home. With knowledge, awareness and attention to our everyday living habits, we can save money in our kitchen and bathroom areas.  Here are tips for how to save money and improve the overall ‘health’ of our energy bill and wallets!

conserve bathroom How to Save Money in your Kitchen and Bath

  • Share conservation tips with the family: With the recent popularity of green initiatives and awareness about conserving the Earth’s resources, it is not difficult to obtain information for your family. From your local city government to worldwide water and energy conservation organizations online, your family should engage in conversations about saving energy in your kitchen and bath. Children learn tips at school, while parents learn through employers and community programs. Have the conversation in your family periodically to learn how your family will make a difference to conserve.
  • Turn off the water: How many times do you catch yourself letting the water run as you brush your teeth in the bathroom? When you’re cooking and you fill a pot of water to be boiled, do you let the water run down the drain for it to get hot first? Saving water in your kitchen and bath doesn’t have to be difficult. Take shorter showers in your bathroom, and fill the tub with less water. Consider using less pots and pans while cooking, to have less to clean with water when you’re finished.

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  • Install water saving fixtures: Install high efficiency toilets that use less water per flush than conventional toilets.  Install low flow shower heads that reduce the quantity of water flow coming out of your shower. In the kitchen and bath reduce water flow to your sinks by installing faucet aerators.  All of these fixtures will help your home use less water and in turn will save money without your family even trying!
  • Identify leaks: Leaky plumbing fixtures and piping can contribute to water leaks in your kitchen and bathrooms. Consider using dye tabs in toilets to see if water is leaking from your toilet.  Check plumbing lines below your kitchen sink as well as to your dishwasher for possible leaks.

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  • Save electricity with lighting: Compact fluorescent bulbs are made in varying fixtures, from wall sconce bulbs, lamps, and overhead lights.  Install these bulbs to save more electricity than a typical incandescent bulb. Consider using lamps with lighter lamp shades as opposed to darker ones. The light will reflect better and in turn will allow you to use lower wattage bulbs. In kitchen and bathrooms install dimmer switches, and automatic light sensors to turn on and off automatically.

conserve kitchen lighting How to Save Money in your Kitchen and Bath

  • Kitchen appliances: If your appliances are more than 8 years old consider replacing with newer energy efficient models.  In your refrigerator, stack food so ample air flow can move around food. Too much food in a refrigerator will cause your food to spoil quicker and will cause your refrigerator to run less efficiently. Let hot food cool thoroughly before placing in the refrigerator. This will help your refrigerator keep its temperature more efficiently.

In your home, the kitchen and bathrooms are vital to saving and conserving water and electricity. With these helpful tips you and your family can enjoy the same quality of life, but with less money flowing out of your wallet.  If you’re in the market for energy conserving appliances, be mindful of incentives from appliance manufacturer’s and government agencies.  The Earth is all of our responsibility and starting in your kitchen and bath can make a huge difference.

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