Mirrors Are Now Out of the Closet and an Integral Design Feature

With the rising cost of food, fuel and heating bills, there is often very little left in the pot at the end of the month for home improvements. However, there are plenty of ideas and suggestions to make home improvements which do not cost the earth (see other posts on this website) and will lift our spirits and enhance our living space. Simple things such as treating a room to a new coat of paint, a strategically placed vase of flowers or removing some of the clutter, can all add to the harmony of a room. Another clever and relatively inexpensive way of changing the mood, theme or feel of your home is to hang a mirror in a room. Mirrors have long since come out of the bathroom or downstairs loo and the choice and selection is now vast. Large mirrors, round or oval. Classical or contemporary. There will always be a mirror for a wall but before selecting a mirror, it is important you ask yourself a few questions and stick to a few simple guidelines.    Ask yourself:


Is it purely functional? If this is the case, it is important that the mirror placement works well with the lighting. There is nothing worse than not being able to see when you apply your moisturiser or mascara! Is it to make a room appear larger or lighter? Dark hall ways and north facing rooms benefit from reflective light. Small rooms appear larger, which is why show homes might be short on generous bedroom dimensions but the interior designer cleverly disguises this with strategically placed mirrors! Do you want it for mood lighting – perhaps to catch the light from candles at a dinner party? Some mirrors come into their own at night time and bring a room alive with reflected light. Which wall will it hang on? This will not only dictate the dimensions of the mirror, but will also determine the view it reflects back. Choose the right wall and the garden becomes part of your room. Choose the wrong wall and you may well be looking at your car on the drive or your wheelie bin!

Do you want a mirror to be a statement piece which gives the room a wow factor? Some mirrors are very flamboyant and decorative. They often tell a lot about your personality and style. Many mirrors now are used to add interest to a room. Where once people hung pictures, often the preferred option is now to hang a decorative mirror. Are you looking for a mirror which adds to the theme of your room? Or perhaps you could design the room around the mirror. Think soft muted colours. Creams. floaty throws and lace and your preferred choice might well be a shabby chic mirror, redolent of bygone ages. www.mirroroutlet.co.uk have a vast range of mirrors.

Whether you are looking for something classic with a traditional look, such as gold or silver, or a statement piece for a contemporary look, it is very simple to find the one which suits your taste and room. Bear in mind these simple guidelines and you will not go wrong. Inexpensive. Simple. Stylish. In fact, you might find the hardest thing will be to just choose one mirror!

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