A Modern Bathroom Checklist

A Modern Bathroom Checklist

Are you the kind of person who drives off with your purse on top of your car? Are you the kind of person who will leave your trolley in the supermarket to go and get something and then find yourself unable to locate said trolley? Are you the kind of person who misses hair appointments, bar mitzvahs, parties, birthdays and other occasions?


Yes? Relax, as so am I. Know what tends to fix things? Lists. Checklists at that. Any project, big or small, can benefit from a checklist. A couple of years ago my sister in law sat me down and taught me the elegant, productive powers of the list.


In this spirit, and as we are all about bathrooms around here, here is a brief checklist of some bathroom suite essentials for you to run down so you don’t come home from the hardware store with three toilet brushes but no cistern.


Essential Ceramics


To be fair, a bath, due to its size and prominence, is not something you’re likely to forget, but I like to cover all bases. Consider all sorts of models, as due to space you might want a shower bath to give you both of those uses. A rule of thumb is that roll tops are perceived as more vintage while freestanding baths suit contemporary, minimalist suites.


I don’t think I’m going too much out on a limb here in suggesting you get a toilet. Close coupled and back to wall are the two main options, both of which are flexible enough to be made to fit any style of bathroom. If you fancy keeping some pennies in your pocket – and who doesn’t? – do opt for a dual flush toilet, as these bit by bit reduce water wastage.


Furniture & Storage


Don’t worry if you lack floor space, as there is a stunning variety of both wall mounted cabinets and vanity units around, in addition to the classic floor cupboards and items, too.


In a similar vein for the above, for toughness and longevity, and don’t gloss over small details. What I mean here is to check mechanisms for drawers and hinges and the like, as a quality manufacturer will have put as much thought into these as it did the bigger things.




Winter is approaching fast, so don’t go and get caught out by repeatedly causing icicles to form in your bathroom. I’m here to tell you that you can get style and function by installing stylish designer radiators. Don’t settle for drab heating, get hot heating! (Sorry.)




For the sake of brevity I’m putting enclosures and screens aside here and focus on the main items. The range is vast, and I would recommend from the off here to go for a thermostatic valve. Also, go for a shower kit, as they will have all the necessary fixtures and fittings you will need. Go out of your way to check that any thermostatic shower valve you buy is TMV2-approved. And come on, it doesn’t have to be all technical – dazzle people by installing LED shower heads.


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