Repurposing old Furniture

Repurposing old furniture is a great way to be creative, save money and reduce waste. If you’ve got an old dresser you no longer need, think about making it into something new you can use and enjoy. Here`s five possible ideas to get you started, but don`t limit yourself when repurposing your dresser. Let your imagination, creativity and ideas run wild to make the most out of your old dresser.


Turning a dresser into a bookshelf is relatively simple. While your exact needs will depend on the dresser`s style, in most cases, you`ll just need to remove the drawers and use plywood to create shelves. You can keep the bottom drawers for items you want to keep tucked away.

While you`re at it, you can repaint, decorate or sand and re-stain the dresser. If you are moving the dresser to another room for use as a bookshelf, use the room`s current style to decide your dresser`s new look. For example, bright primary colors can make a dresser shine as a bookshelf in a young child`s room.

Entryway Table

A longer dresser can be repurposed as an entryway table with a little work. You`ll need to add legs to the dresser to achieve the correct look. Depending on your dresser`s condition and coloring, you may need to paint or stain it to match the area you`ll be placing it in to use as an entryway table. The legs must be sturdy and cut correctly to support the weight of the dresser.

Bathroom Vanity

A shorter, wider and sturdy dresser can work in a bathroom. You`ll have to cut a space out in the top for your sink and work with the drawers to make room for the plumbing. The back panel will also require alterations for your pipes and you`ll want to match the piece to your current decorating scheme in the bathroom. Make sure you glaze or stain the piece with a waterproof finisher.


By taking out the top drawers, the top piece and reinforcing the bottom, you`ll quickly make your old dresser into a small bench. Use plywood over the bottom drawers for the seat and make a cushion out of some fabric and stuffing or foam. Make sure you leave the bottom drawers operational if you want the extra space for storage.

Kitchen Island

Your old dresser could very well serve as the base for a kitchen island. Not only will the drawers serve as storage, but you can also easily add a countertop by replacing the dresser top with marble or granite. Since the back of the dresser will be visible, you`ll want to spruce it up by adding decorations and some paint.

Repurposing doesn`t have to be a one-time thing. Many pieces of Living Room Furniture, such as your end tables, can be altered to serve different functions. If you have children, invite them to help in your projects so they can learn about reusing old items and have some fun along the way.

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