Rock the Block with The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to serving veterans, training skilled trades-people and rebuilding after natural disasters. The Foundation has invested $250 million in veteran causes and improved more than 40K homes and facilities. Sarah Lampley attended the latest Rock the Block THD Foundation event and helped clean up veteran homes around the Atlanta area.

Rock the Block THD Foundation Event

So you know I’m a clean freak, but sometimes getting my hands dirty is just the best. That’s exactly what Lewis and I did on April 26 for The Home Depot Foundation’s Rock the Block annual Spring into Service project.

Rock the Block

We all met up bright and early in this adorable neighborhood on Atlanta’s historic west side. It was the perfect spot because The Home Depot is all about community. And how cute are these houses?!

Serving our Veterans

Rock the Block

The Rock the Block event is near and dear to my heart because my dad was in the army, and The Home Depot is dedicated to giving back to our veterans. The company has more than 35,000 associates who’ve served in the military, and The Home Depot Foundation has transformed more than 40,000 spaces for veterans. They’ve also dedicated another $50 million to training for people as they leave service. Beautiful, right? I love the way The Home Depot has chosen to give back.

Rock the Block

Further into the project, Lewis of course started chatting up one of the homeowners. Mr. A raised three kids in that house, but as you can probably tell from the cane, he’s not up to yard work these days.

Rock the Block

The Transformation

We mulched, painted, laid sod and planted flowers. I could’ve planted a whole block’s worth of flowers. Carpentry is not really my thing so I left the deck building to others, but I do adore the patio furniture The Home Depot donated.

Rock the Block

It sounds like so much work, but it felt more like a block party! The energy was amazing. There were food trucks, a DJ and Team Depot volunteers from all over. Speaking of teams, did I mention Tim Tebow literally did yard work on this street, in the rain, the week before the Superbowl?

I honestly can’t believe the transformation in just a few hours, especially since we were all having such great time laughing and dancing. We got so much done! Thankfully, The Home Depot does this every year, all across the country.

Memory Lane

Rock the Block

I actually drove through the neighborhood the other day, and it looks incredible. As much as Lewis and I have been downsizing so we can focus on service and experiences, I can’t help but picture us snuggling in a porch swing in a place like this. All that planting makes a girl dream, you know? Plus, by then, the kids will be able to do the yard work for us AND for Mr. A. 

Rock the Block

Learn more about the Rock the Block event and other ways The Home Depot Foundation is serving Veterans in an effort to improve the homes and lives of U.S. Veterans.

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