Spring bedroom makeovers

With spring coming, it`s time to give your room new life and erase the traces of the fall. You don`t have to redecorate your room from scratch to get a spring look. With some refreshing additions and creativity, you can take your bedroom from winter to spring in a snap.

Add Light

A key component of any spring redecorating is light. Winter is more associated with a darker look, so without even knowing it, you may have removed some light from your room. Replace any dark, heavy curtains you had to keep the heat in, as those window furnishings are blocking some of the light. Go for lighter curtains with a bright pattern or color that complements your bedroom`s colors.

If you have candles, you may want to change them out or remove them for the time being. Some decorators advise against using candles in a spring theme for your bedroom, as the candles evoke fall and winter. Go for candles in bright colors, such as light blues and yellows, if you decide to keep them in your bedroom.


Change your bedding, even if the current bedding isn`t necessarily fall themed. Fresh bedding in vivid colors or other spring patterns, such as floral can brighten up your entire bedroom. If your current main blanket is heavy, get some lighter blankets or comforters for the spring. Don`t forget to vacuum or clean any decorative pillows before you put them back on your bed or store them until the fall.

If you don`t want to buy a new bedding set or your set is fairly neutral in tone, use decorative touches to spring it up. For example, add a spring-inspired throw or blanket and a few decorative pillows to give your bed set a whole new life.


Flowers can add an immediate spring touch in appearance and scent without breaking your bank. If you go with fresh flowers, look for inexpensive or free ones you can change out as needed. You can find wildflowers, such as daisies, just about anywhere outside.

If you don`t want to bother with fresh flowers, consider adding artificial spring arrangements and a spring fragrance source. Visit a local craft store to get some flowers and make your own bedroom centerpieces for spring. Stick to silk flowers, as these flowers look more realistic than plastic ones.


If you have side-tables or other open surfaces in your bedroom, get spring-inspired linens to cover them. Look for brightly colored or spring-themed prints, such as pastel colors or floral patterns.

Use open surfaces to add some other spring touches, such as your flowers or personal photos in brightly colored frames. If you`re adding fragrance, a table near your bed is a good spot.

If your bedroom is in need of more than just a seasonal makeover, consider redecorating after you`ve done your spring-cleaning. Look at different furnishing providers, such as Forrest Furnishing, so you have an idea of what`s available. Plan your redecorating and avoid going over budget.

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