Wary Meyer’s French Dresser Inspired by Lou Dorfsman’s CBS Wall

French Dresser Wary Meyers French Dresser Inspired by Lou Dorfsmans CBS Wall

The designers, husband and wife design team of Wary Meyers, found this 1920s veneer dresser in Maine and, although they did not need it for their home, the piece of furniture had too many beautiful details and perfect proportions not to be bought. Having paid $10 for it, the team transformed the found object into an amazing typographic dresser. Both designers are fans of three dimensional letters, so the French Dresser became a combination of 3D lettering, vintage design and modern colours. The first impulse was to paint the letters on, but a second examination convinced the designers to use 3D lettering instead. Inspired by Lou Dorfsman’s CBS typographic wall, the dresser’s typographic facade makes use of French words describing the contents of each drawer. Labelling drawers with the content, it made it easy to keep it organized and the result adds character to the decorative exterior. Such an object can only bring admiration and respect.

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