Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring

As soon as temperatures from winter begin to rise, figuring out your outdoor patio space becomes a top priority.With the help of The Home Depot, Ruthie Ridley and her husband were able to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space with patio furniture that’s perfect for hosting and spending time with the family.
The patio area is the perfect space for family time and entertainment but can often be the last place that you focus your attention with the ongoing list of household upkeep.  With the start of spring and better weather Ben and I were excited to take on the challenge of updating our patio space with The Home Depot.  It was in major need of a face lift.  When we were finished organizing and cleaning up the patio space we were shocked to see that everything seemed bigger. It quickly became a space that we wanted to hang out in!

Give Your Patio Space More Attention

The patio area was previously not functional at all.  I referred to it as a big slab of pavement.  It was where Ben would run out to grill dinner very quickly and then come back in.  It was also the place where we let Charlie out to go do his business.  Apart from that, we had no desire to hang out back there. With the lack of attention to this area we had quite the clean-up to do!
Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring
Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring
Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring
We went to our local Home Depot and purchased all the necessities to clean and spruce up the area.  There, we purchased a power washer, mulch, flowers, potted plants, gloves, pots, Tiki lights and a Hampton Bay fire pit, too! Then we got home and got right to work!
We cleaned up all the weeds and started to plant new flowers that would return the following year, as well as fresh new mulch.  After the flowers were planted, Ben power washed the area to get rid of the green film that had been building up over the past few months. Once the garden was sorted and the patio was squeaky clean, it was time for our patio furniture to be delivered!
Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring

The Patio Set Up

We chose this Laguna Point set because one we loved the color, but also we love the versatility of the pieces.  You could set up your space in a variety of ways with this furniture! We split the patio set into two seating areas.  One closest to the house and then one toward the back of the fence.  We placed the fire pit right in the middle with our grill off to the side. Now we are always ready to entertain!
Outdoor Patio Space Update for Entertaining this Spring

Family Time on the Patio

When we first had my family over the very first thing we noticed was how cozy it was back there! Even our black lab Charlie and our sweet little kitten Bella love hanging in the new patio space! It has gone from an area we avoid to an area we can’t wait to spend time in; Even when we get home from work we often head right outside! It has become Ben’s favorite place to studio and my favorite place to hang with all of my fur babies! So what do you think?  I hope y’all love it as much as we do!!

Ruthie Ridley is a lifestyle blogger and mom of three who is a master of all things design and entertainment. You can read more about her best tips and tricks here on her blog.

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